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Embracing the Unknown

日期 31-Mar-2017


Human beings have a very interesting relationship with things they don't know.  For many, the unknown represents a dark chasm to be avoided at all costs.  The unknown precipitates fear and apprehension and can sometimes even be debilitating. It leads people to make irrational judgements and draw illogical conclusions.  How many a times do we find important business and societal policy decisions being based on a perceived reality rather than the actual reality?  Far better outcomes are achieved when the light of clarity is shone over the unknown.

On the bright side, intrigue of the unknown has led to small and big wins, ranging from implementation of better business processes to major scientific discoveries and magnificent inventions.  Generations past and present are riddled with stories of how they surmounted huge challenges through research and development, trial and error, and an unrelenting quest for more knowledge. 

How does this help us?  We can start with some reflection on those things where our perception is based on assumption.  Dig a little deeper to find its actual reality, and be prepared to be a little unnerved!  Then take steps to implement a better-informed decision.

In many spheres of life, the unknown is represented with the letter "X".  It has become so commonplace, yet most people do not know its origin. 

If you have a niggling curiosity, have a look at this short video.  

Appreciating the contributions of previous civilisations and cultures is the first step in shedding light on the "unknowns" that people fear.  And the truth shall set you free!

By Faisal Mohamed 

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