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日期 13-Apr-2017
Adrians Easter Office Hours 2017

The Adrians office is closed for the Easter long weekend from Thursday 13th of April from 5pm and will reopen Tuesday the 18th of April at 8.30am Happy .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 31-Mar-2017
Embracing the Unknown

Human beings have a very interesting relationship with things they don't know. For many, the unknown represents a dark chasm to be avoided at all costs. T.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 30-Mar-2017
Adrians Office Closure

Adrians is still open for business online and over the phones, only our physical office will be closed for the rest of today March 30 2017.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Feb-2017
AUSkey Fraud Alert

The Australian Taxation office has recently detected cases of identity thieves using AUSkey via fraudulent activity statements. While the ATO has identified.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Feb-2017
Adrians Chartered Accountants is moving office!

It is with great excitement the we announce Adrians will be moving into our new office on 6th March. Saying goodbye to our Adelaide Street office, our new B.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 23-Jan-2017
Small Business Key Tax Changes

When the government announced the Mid-Year Economic Financial Outlook (MYEFO) there was a significant tax change to debt policy for businesses. From 1 .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Dec-2016
Adrians Reflections on 2016

December is a great time to reflect on the year. The team at Adrians Chartered Accountants have put together their thoughts on the year that was 2016. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Dec-2016
Announcement: Adrians become Actionstep Certified Partners

Adrians are excited to announce that in 2016 we become Certified Consultants for Actionstep which is a 100% Cloud Legal Practice Management and Trust .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Dec-2016
Beyond 2016 – Insights into Innovation and Automation

For the last five years, I have heard many predict that bookkeeping as we now know it will be automated and disappear in the future. In this same period, I .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 02-Sep-2016
Putting the You in YouTube: Optimising Your YouTube Experience

YouTube ( is the home of all things video. But how do you get the most out of this useful resource? To help navig.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Aug-2016
The Art of Keeping Things Simple- Part 1

My personal motto for this year is the KISS approach, otherwise known as Keep It Simple Stupid. As much as I would like to say that I am awesome at thi.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Jul-2016
The Black Stump: Why worry about Bond Yield?

Financial markets are nervous and the chart below tells us why. Yields on government bonds have just fallen to about 1.8% which is the lowest leve.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Jul-2016
The Black Stump: A Nation at the Crossroads

For the second time in 6 years Australia is heading for a hung parliament and either a minority government or one on a wafer thin majority. Once might.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 27-Jun-2016
The Black Stump: Small Business Scheme Misses the Boat

In the interests of transparency your correspondent feels compelled to disclose that he is not a natural supporter of the Australian Labor Party. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Jun-2016
End of Financial Year: Guides and Tools

Its the End of the Financial Year and here at Adrians we want to get you ready for the new year. This alert is your guide with tutorials and videos to help yo.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 21-Jun-2016
The Black Stump: PayPal working capital finance will challenge the Banks 

The Commonwealth Bank boss, Ian Narev was in the news recently on the subject of innovation. The thing that keeps him awake at night it seems is the qu.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Jun-2016
End of Financial Year: Key Dates

It's almost end of financial year time and here at Adrians we want to get you ready for the new year. Here we have outlined the key dates and deadlines that.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-Jun-2016
The Black Stump Blog by Jim Wheeler

Launching The Black Stump Blog by Jim Wheeler Adrians Chartered Accountants is proud to launch a brand new blog series by managing partner Jim W.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 08-Jun-2016
You had me at Podcast: Listen and Learn the Easy Way

We spend the first decades of our lives learning. Our time at school, be it primary, high school or university, is a time of intense education. Then wh.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-May-2016
Make Work Your Happy Place

For the full-time workers we spend nearly 50% of our waking hours in our workplace. Which means we spend as much time with our work colleagues than we .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-May-2016
May Budget Summary

The 2016-17 budget has been dubbed the Jobs and Growth Budget. But what does that mean for the economy and your future? .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 18-Apr-2016
SuperStream Deadline is Approaching

If you are a small business employer with 19 or fewer employees you must meet the SuperStream standard by 30 June 2016. (http://tv.ato.go.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-Apr-2016
Oxfam Trailwalker Challange

Adrians Chartered Accountants has shaped itself around three core values, innovative, caring and quality. This ethos has moved beyond our bu.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 31-Mar-2016
The productive 5-minute meeting

Since I have been at Adrians, we have adopted a great approach to starting our days to ensure we are the most productive and are on top of our pr.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Dec-2015
Exploring The World Of Content Curation

Content Curation: The process of analyzing and sorting web content and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. MacMillan Di.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 21-Oct-2015
Succession Planning in Family Business: Luxury or Necessity?

Scenario 1: Adam Velosky (Director of a key assembly line at ABC Company) suddenly leaves the company to join a competitor. The company finds itself at .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 30-Sep-2015
Adrians Introduces Paperless Electronic Signing

No more paper shuffling! Adrians has introduced an electronic signing software to allow our clients to sign documents we send to you e.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 22-Sep-2015
We Are Looking For A New Cadet Accountant

Are you interested in cloud technology and have a passion for numbers?If you don't know what that is... don't apply. We are looking for an undergraduate.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 10-Sep-2015
The Ultimate Work Life Balance Challenge: Working From Home

Working from home, sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Get up at 9, stumble to the computer in your PJ's, have an afternoon nap……&hell.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Aug-2015
Superannuation Crisis for Business- 5 Top Tips for Recovery

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many business owners. Majority of business owners put their heart and soul into their business. They put .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Aug-2015
Telephone Scams by Bogus ATO Officers

There has been an increase in aggressive phone scams whereby fraudsters are intimidating people over the phone claiming to be ATO officers and threatening j.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Aug-2015
A Portable Scanner with a Twist of Awesome

It’s great to have something that makes your life easier and a task quicker. Scanner Pro by Readdle is .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 06-Aug-2015
Fuel Tax Credit Rates Have Increased

Fuel tax credit rates have increased for fuel acquired from 1 August 2015, due to a rise in the consumer price index (CPI). Laws have passed that mean excis.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Jul-2015
2015 Business Checklist

The new financial year is upon us already, where did that year go? To help you in the new year we have prepared the below checklist that small businesses s.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Jul-2015
2015 Individual Checklist

So we have come to the end of another financial year and it seems to have flown by very quickly! If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect t.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Jul-2015
Travel Expenses Explained

Traveling for work can be a hectic, even exciting experience, new places and people and unexpected expenses. But did you know that if you spend money trave.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 29-Jun-2015
The Importance of Optimal Inventory Management

When to Hold On: The Importance of Keeping Inventory Inventory management is an important tool for businesses, and optimal inventory management (h.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Feb-2015
Awarded Enable HR 2015 Finance Partner of the Year

Kimberley attended Enable HR's conference as a guest speaker and was pleased to accept Enable HR 2015 Finance Partner of the Year award for Adrians Chartere.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 23-Jan-2015
Is Your Business Remarkable?

Last year my husband and I went on a trip to the United States of America. While we were in the states we dropped in for lunch at a local fast food ou.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 21-Jan-2015
The Importance of Mentors

Mentor. It’s a very common role and function in the business and professional world; with organisations and educational facilities offering a plethor.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 14-Jan-2015
A Moment of Time

In a world that has so many moving parts, time is of the essence in any day. If you are a mum or a dad, you are the taxi-service, the chef, t.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 15-Dec-2014
Let's Talk About Company Tax

Today I want to talk about company tax. My aim is to dispel a lot of rubbish that is put out there by people who should know better. It is said that com.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Nov-2014
New Round of financial advisory support for small business announced

The Commonwealth Minister for Small Business has announced $18.0m in new funding for advisory services to small business. Individual grants of up to $200,000 .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 04-Nov-2014
An Adventure into Business Ownership

A few years ago, I ventured into the world of ‘business ownership’. This was something I had always dreamed of and it finally came to fruition... READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 29-Oct-2014
Using Browser Extensions to Improve Your Business

Are you getting the most out of your browser? Could some of your software be replaced by browser extensions? Browser extensions can help improve workflow s.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Oct-2014
Have your paper activity statements vanished into thin air?

Our phones have been busy of late with many clients asking the question: “What happened to my activity statement? I didn’t receive it in the ma.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 15-Oct-2014
Why We Need Top Level Tax Reform

Restoring Incentive to Business In today’s world it takes a special sort of leadership to secure unpalatable reforms. Right now, every policy init.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 22-Sep-2014
Marketing on a Small Budget

Marketing is an essential part of any modern business. However, not all businesses have a multi-million dollar yearly budget for marketing. You can create s.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Sep-2014
Adrians is Xero's Qld Finalist for Australian Partner of the Year

Part of focusing on the success of our clients means that we are constantly challenging our team to think about new ideas, and better ways of doing things. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 29-Jul-2014
Xero and Adrians

Our passion is to be focused on your success and we believe that the technology Xero is offering for small to medium business helps this success to be achie.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Jul-2014
The Company and The Missing Money

Bob was a happy little company. He had two Directors and lots of paperwork to be signed. There was money in his bank account and life was good. Bob love.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 04-Jul-2014
Pressure Grows on Super Concessions

As the federal budget battlelines continue to shift, focus continues on the extent to which the so called tax concessions offered to superannuation members .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 03-Jul-2014
Signing Company Documents

Around 1995, the government decided to make corporate law a little simpler and introduced the Corporate Law Simplification Act 1995. The intention of this w.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 02-Jul-2014
Veronica's Daily Inspiration

I have a daily paper calendar on my desk that I flip each day and in the world of technology these days; sometimes I don't know why I have it. But every day.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Jun-2014
Ensure you are ready for your tax return – Business Checklist

The end of the financial year is right around the corner, are you ready? Now is the time to ensure you are prepared for the end of the financial year and w.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Jun-2014
Preparing to lodge your individual tax return – Checklist

As we are approaching the end of another financial year now is the time to start collating your required information in order to lodge your income tax retur.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-Jun-2014
Building and Construction Industry – Taxable Payments Reporting

The 2013 –14 year Taxable Payments Annual Report is due for lodgement with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on 21 July 2014. If your bus.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-Jun-2014
myGov Accounts Mandatory for Electronic Tax Returns

If you have very simple tax affairs, for example, a salary earner with a bank account earning interest, you may have been lodging your own tax return using .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Jun-2014
Effective Salary Sacrifice Arrangement

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement where you agree to forego part of your future salary or wages in return for your employer providing benefits of a similar.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Jun-2014
Did you “forget” to declare any foreign income and assets?

Last chance to confess to the ATO with heavily-reduced penalties! With increasing efforts from governments around the globe to track down offshor.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Jun-2014
Are you (still) confused with car fringe benefits?

As we have now come across and finalised most of our client’s Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) returns for the year ended 31 March 2014, the most-asked quest.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Apr-2014
How can the principles of gymnastics training be applied to your business?

This article is not intended to be a guide to gymnastics nor a sound business plan. My aim for this article is to highlight important characteristics and q.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Apr-2014
Limited Offer - Switch to Xero

Adrians Accountants are excited to be Xero Partners! Why? We're glad you asked. Our passion is to be focused on your success and we believe that t.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 08-Apr-2014
The Art of Cashflow

So many businesses have issues with cash flow. It is a common problem and a reason why many businesses fail. Cash flow problems can originate from diffe.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 25-Feb-2014
Managing your Time at Work

Feeling completely overwhelmed with your workload? Feeling stressed just reading through your ‘to do’ list? We all know how that feels. Whilst s.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 25-Feb-2014
When did you last review your business strategy?

Thoughts from a recent trip to the Philippines In a recent article ( we discus.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 21-Feb-2014
Privacy and Credit Provider Laws in from 12th March 2014 will catch SME’s

Do you have a turnover of more than $3.0m PA? Do you provide credit terms of 7 days or more? Do you come into possession of personal information on .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 04-Feb-2014
Dad and Partner Pay – Top 5 things you need to know

From 1 January 2013 Fathers and same-sex Partners are now eligible to apply for two weeks paid parental leave to assist them in the care for their new baby... READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 31-Jan-2014
Happy Chinese New Year

Since Adrians has launched the Asian Business Division ( we have been endeavouring to learn more about Asian C.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Jan-2014
Are you benefiting from the workers’ compensation changes for contractors?

Changes were made to workers’ compensation back on 1 July 2013 affecting cover for independent contractors. We would like to ensure you reviewed your .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Jan-2014
Will you be paying top-up tax on your super contributions in 2014?

High income earning taxpayers will begin to receive tax assessments from this month (January 2014) for top-up tax on their super contributions for the 2012/.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Dec-2013
Tips to ensure you enjoy a very Merry Christmas

Eve Laurie, Client Manager at Adrians Chartered Accountants, shares her tips for a successful Christmas: With another calendar year drawing to a c.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Dec-2013
What is Strategy?

Strategy could be the most over used word in business. Every business needs one, and will either prosper or flounder depending on the quality of their strat.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 22-Nov-2013
5 Key Tax Concessions to Change

It is proposed from 1 January 2014 that the following key tax concessions will change: Claim an immediate deduction for assets under $6,500 Claim an immedi.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Nov-2013
3 Things Your JP Never Got a Chance to Tell You

Most, if not all of us, have needed the services of a Justice of the Peace (JP). Whether it be merely certifying a true copy of an original document, witne.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 18-Oct-2013
Welcoming Bryter Business

October has been a great month at Adrians. We are pleased to announce that Angeline Bryer, owner of Cloud application and bookkeeping consultancy Bryter.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Oct-2013
Why does my accountant ask for my spouse’s income?

Your accountant may prepare your personal tax return each year but may not attend to your spouse’s personal return, so why does your accountant ask yo.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 08-Aug-2013
Retrenchment and Redundancies in an Economic Downturn

Retrenchments and redundancies are difficult and emotional for people on both sides of the table. If you have all of your background research and are pr.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Jul-2013
Invitbox - Effortlessly Converting Your Invoices Into Transactions

If you are using or considering cloud based software such as Xero or Saasu then maybe you should review Invitbox. The concept of Invitbox (https://www.invit.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-Jul-2013
What can the Government do if it really wants to help Small Business?

Today I wish to comment on the gulf that exists between small business and government and offer some thoughts on just what governments can do to really enco.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Jul-2013
Super Changes Update

In recent weeks, the chances are you may have come across in media, messages about a number of superannuation related changes/ measures that the current Go.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Jul-2013
Superfund Trustees Alert

Further to my previous article about the recent superannuation related changes and proposed changes that relate to employers and employees, there are more c.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Jun-2013
Business Checklists - Are you ready for end of financial year?

As 30 June is fast approaching, now is the time to ensure you are prepared for the end of the financial year and what you need to do to keep your accounts r.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Jun-2013
Co-own property? Do you know the difference between joint tenants and tenants in common?

When you purchase a property with one other person or more, there is a principle of co-ownership that applies. Under Queensland law, there are two forms of.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Jun-2013
How to prepare for your tax return - Individual Checklist

As we are approaching the end of another financial year now is the time to make sure you have all of your documents required to lodge your income tax return.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-Jun-2013
Year End Planning – Taxman to audit the distribution of Trust Income

There was a time in the dim and distant memory when the lead up to 30th June was dominated by activities directed at reducing that year’s tax bill. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-May-2013
6 Key Issues Affecting Medical Costs for the Family

Medical expenses tend to be seasonal, or at least that has been my experience. Your medical expenses are high when there is a new arrival in the family, wh.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 23-May-2013
ATO SMSF Supervisory Levy Changes Fly Under the Radar

The government announced changes to the SMSF supervisory levy for the years ahead has largely gone unnoticed by many trustees in the SMSF sector. From its .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-May-2013
Payroll Tax Implications for Contractors

Recently there has been significant focus by Government Departments on the issues of ‘contractors’ in the area of payroll tax, particularly in t.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-May-2013
Money Sitting in Inactive Bank Accounts is at Risk!

Late last year the government amended legislation where bank accounts that are inactive for three years will be seized by ASIC. Previously bank account.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 06-May-2013
Is your business prepared for the Super Guarantee increase?

As you would have been aware, under the Superannuation Guarantee law employers are required to pay employees the minimum standard rate of 9% (of ordinary ti.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 02-May-2013
Are your long service leave records up to scratch?

Most people are aware of the basic rules and eligibility requirements for employee long service leave but some employers fall short when it comes to records.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-May-2013
Deskercise: Simple exercises you can do at your desk

Sitting at your desk working or studying isn't doing any favours for your physique or your fitness and if you do the maths, you probably spend more hours at.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Apr-2013
Exempt Motor Vehicles for FBT? What are they?

As mentioned earlier on another article published by our Senior Associate, Christine Walsh, the ATO has been increasingly concerned with employers who have .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 22-Apr-2013
Is an SMSF right for you?

Over the past few years we have seen a huge jump in the number of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs for short) but having an SMSF is not right for ev.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Apr-2013
Walking Meditation – Empty Your Mind and Feel the Ultimate Happiness

We walk every day, with different purposes and towards different destinations. This is pretty normal, right? Just like when we are walking towards home afte.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Apr-2013
Super Changes Announced Today 5th April 2013

The Government has bowed to public pressure to end damaging speculation with a press conference this morning by Bill Shorten and Wayne Swan announcing chang.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Mar-2013
How to make Adrians’ favourite fudge!

Don’t worry, you don’t need glasses, you read correctly that this article is about how to make fudge! Even us at Adrians need to take a little t.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-Mar-2013
The Company and the Mysterious Form 362

Once upon a time there was a brand new company named Bob. It was a very happy little company. It had a nice new constitution printed twice. A special bound .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 18-Mar-2013
457 Visas as a Job Creator

By Jim Wheeler I know a young entrepreneur who decided a few years ago to make his passion into a business. His passion was for fresh Mexican food .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 08-Mar-2013
New Reporting Rules - Building and Construction Industry

In April last year, we published an article on our website in relation to additional reporting for businesses using contractors in the Building and Construc.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Mar-2013
New Changes Regarding Medical Expenses Tax Offset

On 8 May 2012, the government announced in the 2012-13 Budget that it will income test the net medical expenses tax offset from 1 July 2012. Taxpayers w.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 08-Feb-2013
A Very Short History of Super Policy Since 1983

...and How it Was Turned into a Political Football How it Was The process of educating Australians to the purpose and relevance .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Feb-2013
Pass on the Positive

Times are a changing? We have been through a couple of the most challenging years for business; times are tough and life has not been easy. When facing the .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 06-Feb-2013
Payroll Tax in Queensland

In August 2012 one of our partners, Kimberley, published an article regarding some common errors businesses made in the preparation and calculation of payro.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 31-Jan-2013
Log Books - Geared to Go

With the 2013 FBT year end just around the corner on 31 March, you may want to consider your FBT obligations and the importance of keeping a log book. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 08-Jan-2013
Need Help With Your Stress?

Feel Stressed? The answer would probably be “Yes” in most circumstance. If you agree, the stress comes from as large a variety of sources as.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 14-Dec-2012
2013 - A Year of Positive Change

Written by Jim Wheeler What makes success? As the year draws to a close we invite you to consider that point. There are many ways to define success &nda.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Dec-2012
Financial Lessons for your Children

Teaching your children good financial habits starts with you – as the old saying goes, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Children mimic just about.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Nov-2012
Is Your Motor Vehicle in the ATO Spotlight?

Do you ever feel like your every move is being watched? Well, I may not be able to verify your “every move” but it is certain that every vehicle.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Nov-2012
Planning to study? You could be eligible for tax deductions.

Under the current tax law, there are tax deductions available to individuals for ‘self-education’ expenses. This article will look at which sit.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Nov-2012
Trusts Under the Pump

The Treasury is the originator of many tax reform proposals and they have released a paper that canvasses options for reform of trust taxation. There is.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 26-Oct-2012
Did you have net medical expenses over $2,060 in 2011-12?

For 2011-2012 financial year, you can claim a tax offset of 20% (that is, 20 cents in the dollar) of your net medical expenses over $2,060. And there is no .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-Oct-2012
Garnishee Notices to Recover Tax Debts

By Jim Wheeler The Taxation office has the power to issue a notice to a third party to direct that third party to pay amounts that might be owed t.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 04-Oct-2012
Tax Scams and Tax Avoidance Schemes - Be Wary

Have you ever received an email requesting business statistics or tax details and felt unsure whether or not you should respond? Have you ever been approac.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Sep-2012
Have you changed your contact details? We want to know...

Have you recently moved house, changed jobs or changed your contact details? Such as your email address or phone number? Being your accountant we need .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Sep-2012
Common GST Mistakes

The GST has now been in effect since 1 July 2000, yet despite a massive Australian Taxation Office (ATO) education campaign there are still many errors and .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Sep-2012
Fuel Tax Credit

Fuel Tax Credit – eligibility and changes from 1 July 2012 and Have you reviewed your eligibility to claim fuel tax credit? Fuel .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Sep-2012
Social Media, Online Presence and Will Preparation

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your email, social media and other online accounts you have after you die? It is a morbid topic to think abo.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 31-Aug-2012
Hands-on: Don’t pull your hair out over your data file!

Do you get frustrated when your management reports don’t look anything like they should? You are not alone. Many a person using data capture s.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Aug-2012
Recruiting for Cultural Fit

Cultural fit relates to the values and motivators of a business and its individuals. It is an essential element for small business with smaller working tea.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Aug-2012
4 Tips to Keep Your Accounting Fees Down at Tax Time

1. Keep proper financial records Make sure you receive a tax invoice or receipt for every expense and keep everything filed. Also remember that receipts will .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 03-Aug-2012
5 Common Errors with Payroll Tax for SME's

Written by Kimberley Middlemis Businesses in Queensland with a total wage bill over $1,100,000 must register and are liable for Payroll Tax. Payroll tax.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-Aug-2012
Adrians is on Facebook!

Every business owner knows that it is essential to keep abreast of modern technology in order to stay connected with your client base. This is why we are pa.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Jul-2012
New Directors Liability - PAYG Withholding Tax and Super

From July 2012 directors are exposed to a much higher risk of being held personally liable for company PAYG and Super debts. One thing that has been pr.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 23-May-2012
Medicare Levy Surcharge - Are you covered?

Most taxpayers are aware that Medicare levy surcharge is payable where your income, either single or family income, exceeds the relevant threshold and you d.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 10-May-2012
Part Two: Is your business making you more or less wealthy?

Part 1 ( of this article, published in February, discussed the theory of the Cost of Capital and the.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-May-2012
Changes to Small Business Entity Concessions from 1 July 2012

Small businesses with an annual turnover less than $2 million may be able to access a range of tax concessions. This applies whether you operate your b.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-May-2012
What is the Personal Property Securities Register?

On 30th January 2012 the Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register came in effect as a result of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) being pas.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Apr-2012
Increased Reporting Requirements for Building and Construction

From 1 July 2012 businesses in the building and construction industry will be required to report additional information in respect of contractors they engag.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 24-Apr-2012
Super-Size Me: Are you biting off more than you can chew?

With volatility now a seemingly permanent fixture in investment markets, there is a push in the market for investors to take an active control of their inve.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Apr-2012
Are you meeting your super guarantee obligations?

Not meeting your super guarantee obligations as an employer can have a number of negative repercussions, such as incurring interest and late penalties on la.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Apr-2012
How to Protect your Business from Fraud

The impact of the GFC is seen everywhere. There have been substantial job losses, inflation pressure on household expenses and capital losses through the proper.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 29-Mar-2012
Car Fringe Benefit Changes

Recently, the Government announced changes to the "statutory formula" method for calculating Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) on car fringe benefits. The changes w.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 06-Mar-2012
Is your Christmas Party FBT Exempt?

With the end of the FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) year just around the corner, it is important to know the implications of Christmas parties on FBT. The cos.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-Mar-2012
Centrelink Tips

Youth allowance can be great. It can be a little extra income to take the pressure off, a way of teaching responsibility with money or just a little bit of.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 29-Feb-2012
Is your business making you more or less wealthy?

To know this you must know the return on capital invested in your business (ROCE) and the cost of that capital. Part 1 of this article deals with the theor.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 22-Feb-2012
5 Tips To Ensure Your Income Protection Will Cover You!

Income protection insurance is designed to pay you a regular benefit for a period of illness or injury. Unfortunately, many people do not review this benefi.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Feb-2012
Have you been affected by a natural disaster?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are willing to provide assistance to those who have been affected by natural disasters by giving individual and busines.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 20-Dec-2011
Cloud Accounting - What Does it Mean?

More and more, we’re hearing about cloud accounting or software in the could, but what does it actually mean? Basically, it means having an online acc.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 15-Dec-2011
How a quantity surveyor can save you tax

The Quantity Surveryor, also known as a Construction Economist, or Cost Manager, is one of a team of professional advisers to the construction industry. As.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 09-Nov-2011
What you should know about Superannuation and SME's

Although the super system has been around a long time we get many of the same questions. Maybe it is because the rules change a lot and there is still an u.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 07-Nov-2011
How You Can Reduce Financial Stress When Your Next Activity Statement is Due

Unfortunately due to the economic conditions we are currently experiencing, small businesses around the country are really feeling the full brunt of what it.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 02-Nov-2011
How the Fair Work Debate affects the SME business

There has been a lot in the press in the last few days in relation to QANTAS and the lockout that happened due to the stalling of negotiations with the Tran.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 31-Oct-2011
How the Business Portal can benefit your business

The Business Portal is your gateway to Australian government online services for businesses. It is an easy and convenient way to access information and mana.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 26-Oct-2011
First Steps to Social Media for the SME

What is Social Media? It can have many definitions, some of which include: Media is an instrument of communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 22-Sep-2011
Small Business Depreciation Rules

Small Business Depreciation Rules The Assistant Treasurer has released ( READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-Sep-2011
Five Ways to Improve Your Daily Meetings

Do you ever get the feeling that you are having meetings for the sake of having another meeting? The big question to ask yourself is whether these mee.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 25-Aug-2011
Superannuation Clearing House

The Superannuation Clearing House is a free online clearing house service available to small business with less than 20 employees. The aim of the cle.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Aug-2011
A Simplified Guide to Business Record Keeping

With running a business becoming more complex in today’s competitive environment, quick and easy access to key business financial information could ne.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Aug-2011
Driven off the Road by M.B.A.s

The rise of business schools coincided with the fall of American industry Bob Lutz, the former Vice Chairman of General Motors, is the most famous.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Aug-2011
How Does Your Business Compare? - Small Business Benchmarks

Are you keen to know how your business is doing compared to your competitors? Are your major expenses under or over those of your competitors? Mayb.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Aug-2011
Private Health Insurance Rebate Set to Change

From 1 January 2012 the eligibility to the 30% rebate for private health insurance payments will become income tested. Essentially there are new private .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 25-Jul-2011
Avoid Problems with Mixed Purpose Loans and Maximise Interest Claims for Investment Holders

The number of taxpayers who hold an investment in a rental property continues to increase with recent ATO statistics revealing that one in seven taxpayers n.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 25-Jul-2011
Tax Time Checklist 2011

It is that time of year again! We have reached the end of another financial year 30 June 2011 and many of you will be coordinating the preparation of your .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 18-Jul-2011
July 2011 SPECIAL REPORT - Private Business Outlook

This report on the current private business outlook has been written by Jim Wheeler The year in review The fingers have hovered over the keyboard se.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 18-Jul-2011
The Carbon Tax and the Implications for Yourself and Your Small Business

As part of the Labour Governments long-term plan to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 they have introduced a tax on carbon. This tax will come into effect on .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Jul-2011
Are you Buying a New Car - Speak to your Accountant First

As we enter a new financial year and consider making big purchases, such as purchasing a new car, it is important to seek advice from your accountant. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Jul-2011
GST Corrections & Adjustments to Consider in June BAS

Preparing June activity statement is a good opportunity to review and correct any GST errors included in previous activity statements as the correction can .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Jul-2011
Trust Streaming: ATO Allows More Time to Record Beneficiaries' Entitlements

Legislation enabling trustees to stream franked dividends and capital gains for tax purposes was enacted on Wednesday 29 June following The Tax Laws Amendme.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 06-Jul-2011
Top Tips for Completing your PAYG Payment Summary

The following are key issues the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has highlighted regarding completing PAYG payment summaries: Do not report negative amo.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 27-Jun-2011
The Facts on the Flood Levy

The Temporary Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction Levy (flood levy) comes into effect on 1 July 2011. Individuals with a taxable income over $50,000 in th.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 27-Jun-2011
Unpaid Present Entitlements - Investment Agreements

As a private company operator, unpaid present entitlements (UPE) you have been distributed from a related trust between 16 December 2009 and 30 June 2010 ma.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Jun-2011
Reform of Statutory Formula Method for Cars

The Statutory Formula method for determining the taxable value of car fringe benefits is undergoing change. Under the Statutory Formula method, the car fri.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 17-Jun-2011
Super Strategy to Avoid Excess Contributions Tax

An emerging strategy available to self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) assists them to avoid falling prey to excess contributions tax. The use of a Co.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 14-Jun-2011
New Director Penalty Regime

On 1st July 2011 directors can become personally liable if their companies fail to meet Superannuation Guarantee obligations. In cases where the ATO determ.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 14-Jun-2011
Paid Parental Leave has arrived. What do you need to know?

The government recently introduced Australia’s first Government-funded, Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme. The PPL scheme will basically provide new pa.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 14-Jun-2011
Tax Office Goodwill Running Low

Early this year the ATO was very pro active in allowing concessions for flood affected clients. Recently however we have noted a distinct hardening of that.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-Jun-2011
Budget Announcements - Minors

As released by the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, the Government has changed their approach to minors received income from Discretionary Trusts. Currently, the .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-Jun-2011
Securing Super

The Government is requiring a greater reporting of information to employees by employers. Employers will need to provide confirmation of actual superann.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 06-Apr-2011
Reduction in minimum payments for account based pensions

The Government has announced that the minimum pension relief for account-based pensions will be phased out. The 50% reduction will remain for 2010-11 but wi.. READ MORE 阅读更多