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日期 23-Feb-2017
Time for Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull to step up

Scott Morrison as Treasurer is starting to worry me. We all know he has been battling the Opposition and the Senate to legislate spending cuts. So the Governme.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-Dec-2016
Trump puts Aussie in charge – will we get the message?

One of the great advantages America has is the ability of the President to appoint his cabinet. And Donald Trump is making the most of it. He has decided .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 16-Nov-2016
Brexit and Trump heralds a change in the tide.

Being a bit of a political tragic, I did follow the US nomination and election saga and swung between feelings that Trump was onto something on the one han.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 12-Oct-2016
Bank Bosses Thrashed with a Wet Lettuce Leaf

The Black Stump has had a few weeks off, partly due to a week fishing the Swain Reefs, but also time spent contemplating the issues of the day and what it i.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 01-Sep-2016
How to fix the budget- Part 1

When you are borrowing $100m a day to pay the bills you have a problem, right? You either need more money or less spending. You might flap around for a wh.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Aug-2016
The Black Stump: Treasurer needs a Reboot

Treasurer Scott Morrison made his name as Immigration Minister which he turned into a Border Control ministry under Tony Abbott. He was so succes.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 28-Jul-2016
The Black Stump: A Tale of Two Sites

Last week we wrote about the out of control cost structures in the building industry. This week – who pays for it? We know from last week&rsqu.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 19-Jul-2016
The Black Stump: Structural Problems in the Building Industry

Here’s something to think about. In the big end of the construction industry, which we could describe as buildings costing over about $5.0m,.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 11-Jul-2016
The Black Stump: Why worry about Bond Yield?

Financial markets are nervous and the chart below tells us why. Yields on government bonds have just fallen to about 1.8% which is the lowest leve.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 05-Jul-2016
The Black Stump: A Nation at the Crossroads

For the second time in 6 years Australia is heading for a hung parliament and either a minority government or one on a wafer thin majority. Once might.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 27-Jun-2016
The Black Stump: Small Business Scheme Misses the Boat

In the interests of transparency your correspondent feels compelled to disclose that he is not a natural supporter of the Australian Labor Party. .. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 21-Jun-2016
The Black Stump: PayPal working capital finance will challenge the Banks 

The Commonwealth Bank boss, Ian Narev was in the news recently on the subject of innovation. The thing that keeps him awake at night it seems is the qu.. READ MORE 阅读更多

日期 13-Jun-2016
The Black Stump Blog by Jim Wheeler

Launching The Black Stump Blog by Jim Wheeler Adrians Chartered Accountants is proud to launch a brand new blog series by managing partner Jim W.. READ MORE 阅读更多